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Hiring an Immigration Consultant? Do your homework!

Paid Authorized Representatives or Immigration Consultants or Practitioners are approved by the Canadian Immigration department. Not all Practitioners are same and try to choose the right practitioner based on the personal evaluation they provide for the service you are seeking.

Immigration consultants (also referred to as Paid Authorized Representatives) who are licensed recruiters can serve as invaluable assets when it comes to targeting employers for Canadian employer-driven immigration programs, ultimately facilitating the acquisition of Canadian permanent residence for the applicant and their family through an approved offer letter.

Most high-level & Experienced immigration practitioners are based in Canada. Engaging directly with these professionals, without the involvement of a foreign agent, offers applicants an excellent opportunity to navigate the immigration process without the need for third-party assistance. Keep in mind that the Canadian Government issues Permanent Residence visas and Citizenship in most cases without seeing an applicant.

Please view this succinct and informative video detailing the top ten factors to consider prior to engaging a Consultant or Paid Authorized Representative:

An effective evaluation is crucial in ascertaining the competence of a Consultant or a Paid Authorized Representative. Some may suggest that you bring an evaluation from another consultant to secure a ‘discount’. This can often be an indication of their inability to conduct a comprehensive assessment themselves. To obtain a thorough Immigration evaluation from an experienced Paid Authorized Representative, please visit the following link and apply for a complimentary evaluation: