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Atlantic Employer seeking a Ukrainian to work as Housekeeper

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Atlantic Employer seeking a Ukrainian to work as Housekeeper

The following job/s are offered by Canadian businesses to help and support a Ukrainian. If you have work experience in the listed job and your experience matches the job description posted below, please complete the form ( and submit it. Polinsys personnel will evaluate your response and review your resume and if in compliance with the employer’s needs, we will pass on your resume to the employer. Whether looking for temporary employment in Canada or moving permanently to Canada, we are here to assist any Ukrainian affected by the current conflict. This service is offered by Polinsys a Canadian Immigration firm ( and The Student Herald a Canadian Recruitment firm (

Наступні роботи пропонують канадський бізнес для допомоги та підтримки українця. Якщо у вас є досвід роботи на зазначеній вакансіях і ваш досвід відповідає опису вакансій, опублікованому нижче, заповніть форму ( та надішліть її. Співробітники Polinsys оцінять вашу відповідь та переглянуть ваше резюме, і, якщо це відповідає потребам роботодавця, ми передамо ваше резюме роботодавцю. Незалежно від того, чи шукаєте ви тимчасову роботу в Канаді чи переїжджаємо до Канади на постійне проживання, ми тут, щоб допомогти будь-якому українцю, який постраждав від поточного конфлікту. Цю послугу пропонує канадська імміграційна фірма Polinsys ( і канадська рекрутингова фірма The Student Herald (

Position available in: Atlantic region
Language required: English Speaking
Job Title: Housekeeper (Halls, elevators, lobby etc.)
Classification: NOC 4412, Skill Type C
Only for Ukrainian
Number of Position: 1 position

Apply here: Please apply for this position through this link and also send a copy of your resume to the email provided as you complete the form:  
  1.             To maintain the front lobby by general cleaning activities assigned daily, including washing, scrubbing, wiping, polishing, and dusting all front lobby areas including glass, wood, stainless steel and special cleaning duties as required. 
  2. Daily check the outside perimeter of the hotel for debris and discard.               To maintain floors in front lobby by thoroughly moping, vacuuming, and spot cleaning carpeted areas, regular emptying and cleaning of equipment and reporting any equipment maintenance needs.               To provide clean washroom facilities to guests by cleaning lobby washrooms to specified standards including toilet, vanity area and floors, and replenishing supplies and emptying garbage receptacles.              
  3. To maintain fitness centre by general cleaning activities assigned daily including washing, scrubbing, wiping, polishing and dusting  entire fitness area and equipment including glass, wood, steel and special cleaning duties as required.  Ensure towels are well stocked.  
  4.             To maintain carpets in the fitness centre by thoroughly vacuuming all areas including stairwell to fitness centre.   
  5.             To provide clean washroom facilities to guests by cleaning fitness centre washrooms to specified standards including shower area, toilet, vanity area and floors and replenishing supplies and emptying garbage receptacles.  
  6.             To maintain guest elevators by thoroughly washing scrubbing, wiping, polishing and dusting entire elevator area and thoroughly vacuuming elevator carpet.  Ensure guest room floors are clean, vacuumed and walls are spot free.
  7.                 To maintain elevator lobby areas, P1 and P1 by thoroughly mopping and vacuuming floors, dusting, wiping and scrubbing all wall areas and wiping all glass surfaces.    
  8.             To ensure staff area is clean by thoroughly mopping all floors, clean microwave, clean tables, empty garbage and recycle.  
  9.           To maintain garbage room by daily scrubbing of floor area and ensuring all garbage receptacles are placed in proper bins.
  10.             To maintain receiving area by putting stock in proper storage rooms and ensure walk way is clear and safe.  
  11.           To maintain restaurant and all meeting rooms through daily mopping and vacuuming of floors, cleaning ledges, doors, glass, furniture, lights, ceiling grates, windows and scrubbing walls.             To ensure supplies on working cart are well stocked and with proper labels.             To maintain all hotel property by reporting all maintenance needs observed during each shift in all areas of entire building.             To execute all reasonable additional assignments determined by Housekeeping Management Team.
  12.             Heavy lifting, pulling and pushing required.
  13.            Carpets in guest rooms may need to be shampooed if soiled.

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