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Canadian Residents had a good chance of becoming Canadian Permanent Residents in 2021

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This is Joy Stephen from IRCC news coming to you from the Polinsys Studios in Cambridge, Ontario. Today is January 01, 2022

Canadian Residents had a good chance of becoming Canadian Permanent Residents in 2021,

The two Canadian Provinces Ontario and British Columbia took in the most number of Temporary Residents to Permanent Residents in 2021 based on IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s data. However most applicants under this quota based application process is still waiting for their Permanent Residence status. The Program closed on November 5, 2021 and had received 84,177 applications totally. The 30K application quota for the Workers in Canada quota received its full potential and the 40K Quota under the Essential, Non-healthcare stream also was filled. 

In the streams accepting both anglophones and francophones, the program reached the maximum number of 30,000 applications for the Workers in Canada: Essential, Non-healthcare stream and also the maximum number of 40,000 applications under its Recent International Graduates From A Canadian Institution stream. French speaking workers in Canada did not have a quota and received 271 applications.

Ontario Temporary residents attributed to more than half of the applications and Ontario also got most of the residents who were issued permanent residence in 2021. Data also shows that form Jan 2021 to Oct 2021, 5990 which translates to 52.4% new Permanent residents under this program settled in Ontario followed by BC with 3235 or 28.3%

Here is a province wise breakdown of people who obtained permanent residence under this program:

  • Newfoundland and Labrador 35
  • Prince Edward Island 70
  • Nova Scotia 395
  • New Brunswick 180
  • Manitoba 510
  • Saskatchewan 200
  • Alberta 770
  • Yukon 20
  • Northwest Territories 20

This news update is brought to you by The Student Herald and Polinsys, from the Polinsys Studios in Cambridge, Ontario

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