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Federal Self-employed Program success rate for previous 5 years 2016 – 2020

Federal Self-employed Program success rate for previous 5 years 2016 – 2020

Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is IRC news and I am Joy Stephen, an authorized Canadian Immigration practitioner bringing out this Data Analysis release from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario. Today is the 30th of Mar, 2022.

Today we are going to do some data analysis on the total applications for Permanent Residence applications processed for the federal Self-Employed program for the previous 5 years between 2016 and 2020. Unfortunately this program is one of the most mis-understood program as the results would indicate. This data could give us some idea on the growth trajectory of the program and the success rate of the program. 

On my screen is the chart highlighting the data for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. We will discuss the success rate trajectory and the popularity of the program or in other words the increase in numbers year over year for this program. In 2016, we saw a total number of applications at 3313 with 598 approvals providing a dismal success rate of around 18%. In 2017 out of 1821 applications, 297 applications were successful with a poor success rate of around 16%. The number in 2017 went down considerably than the total of 2016. Let us now move on to 2018, where the processed applications were 3741 applications and a approved number of 272 with a success rate of 19%. In 2019 the number of applications was steady at 3242 applications processed and had an approval number of 714 with a success rate of 22%. OK, 2020 was the final year of full data we have and considering the Pandemic, the total was a reasonable number of 1388 applications and an approval number of 492 with an average rate of 35% success rate. Overall, the trajectory of numbers and success rate is going high with the exception of 2020 where the numbers as well as the success rate reduced. The trajectory for this program for success rates is possibly going up.

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