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Next FREE Canadian Immigration Q&A session hosted by Joy Stephen on 24 March 2023

You can target Canadian Permanent settlement through several Canadian Immigration programs both Federal and Provincial. Most Canadian Provinces have multiple Immigration programs. You can try to target immigration programs yourself by learning more and analysing data ( or hiring a Canadian Authorized Representative and targeting most immigration programs (multiple) so that you can have a fair chance of success. Some wise advice:

  1. If you are busy and want your Canadian Authroized Representative to manage your Immigration pathway fully, it is likely to be expensive.
  2. To save money, use the self – guided pathway until you are selected in one of the Permanent Residence program and then use full representation if you so desire
  3. Do not forget to include the employer-driven pathway. Canadian employers have several programs they can use to hire foreign nationals. DO NOT PAY FOR WORK PERMIT.
  4. Suppose you are dealing directly with an experienced Authorized Representative. In that case, you may be able to obtain a strategic approach written evaluation where you and your family can obtain Canadian Permanent Residence within 18 months by combining multiple Immigration programs. If you are dealing with a foreign national for your Canada Immigration, then, it may not work.
  5. Please visit and watch the videos and then come for this meeting to ask questions.

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