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Canada has many accolades this year!

Canada has many accolades this year!

Canada has many accolades this year! The best country to live in, highest standard of living, one of the best in happiness index, Country with the nicest people… Canada has won many accolades this year and is now considered the best country to live in. Canada was number 3 in 2019, second place in 2020 and today it holds the highest rank as the best country to live in. Canada is also high on the happiness index and is also crowned the country with the nicest people. Oh Canada! Oh Canada! Some of the reasons why Canada is one of the best country to live in are: Economy: Unlimited opportunities in a fast growing and industrialized world. Average family income is around 40000$ and low unemployment rates Health: Health is a fundamental right and is protected by the Government Education: Free schooling and subsidized post secondary Culture: Multi-Cultural and a melting pot of the world Scenery & Wildlife: Breath taking seasonal scenery and wildlife Food: From all around the world, never boring! Canada fell a little on the happiness index though. Canada used to be in the top 10 for several years but has now dropped three points. The pandemic certainly had an impact on the country. For those who want to move to Canada, the country is open to take in a lot of happy people.

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