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Complimentary Webinar by your Canadian Authorized Representative for Polinsys Entrepreneur clients

The April AR complimentary meeting has been canceled due to the Easter holidays. However, a meeting will be held in May to address any questions that Polinsys entrepreneur clients may have. We kindly request that you attend the meeting with your questions to obtain answers directly from a Canadian Authorized Representative.

During this meeting, your Authorized Representative will discuss how to purchase a Canadian business and progress towards Canadian Permanent Residence with your family. Please note that the next meeting will be held on the second Friday of the following month, provided it is not a holiday, and subject to AR time availability.

It’s worth considering that many developed countries, including Canada, have an aging population, and small successful businesses are available for quick purchase. This method allows foreign nationals to establish an already established business in Canada and improve it with new ideas.

Please be advised that this meeting is exclusively for registered Polinsys Entrepreneur clients. Some valuable resources for entrepreneurs include the Zoom Meeting link:, Entrepreneur News for Polinsys clients:, and the Canada Immigration & Entrepreneur Podcast:

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