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Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Management offered by SELKIRK in Castlegar & Nelson

Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Management offered by SELKIRK in Castlegar & Nelson

Today we are gong to talk about the Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Management offered by SELKIRK

located in the town of Castlegar, Nelson in the beautiful province of British Columbia. Let us now discuss this course and its attributes. This is a PG Diploma program of Two years for those students who has Completed a Bachelors program in specific subjects. The requirement indicated here is the bare minimum. The student must also have earned a

minimum score of 55. The IELTS or English language requirement for this program is 6.5 overall with minimum 6

in all bands

This program is a Coop program offered by the institution with an employment experience option for 4 months.

Therefore students will benefit from a paid internship to gain work experience which could help them in obtaining

a job after the course. Employers are often seeking employees with some work experience.

This program is offered by SELKIRK at their British Columbia location which happens to be a RNIP eligible

location or close to it. Please visit the Canadian government Immigration website to learn more because it may be

a little easier for Canadian Permanent Residence for students if they can target jobs in an RNIP program location.

This is what the education institution offering this course has to say about the program they are offering: The

successful chef or food and beverage entrepreneur of today requires more than just great culinary skills to excel

in the hospitality industry. International students who have a culinary or hospitality credential are welcome to apply for this program. The Culinary Management diploma is developed for chefs and hospitality program graduates from programs outside of Canada. Students will gain hands on industry experience during a paid four-month work term.

Alongside the culinary focused course students will also complete two semesters of management level courses.


Selkirk Culinary Management graduates are equipped to move into supervisory positions in a wide range of

capacities across the entire spectrum of the food and beverage industry.

The list below indicates some of the career options available:

professional cooks

kitchen supervisory positions

food and beverage supervisors

Therefore, if you have completed at least 15 years of Education or in other words, completed a Bachelors

program, and this course is to your liking, then, please contact for more information on

admissions. Keep in mind that this course is for students who has specialized in the following majors, Bachelors

degree in Hospitality or Culinary,

This is education release is brought to you by IRC news from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario. Adios!

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