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Consultant Resume!

The consultant sector has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. At the outset of regulatory measures, there were approximately 1,000 consultants. However, following the privatization of regulation, this figure has surged significantly. Nonetheless, the Canadian Immigration Department largely oversees the profession, ensuring its regulation.

IRCnews provides an insightful analysis on the topic of emerging consultants: “In 2022, the private regulatory body began allowing Permanent Residents, even those with limited experience, to handle applications—a practice that remains in effect. While the College of Immigration Consultants operates under the aegis of the Canadian Immigration Department, the importance of experience for effective professional representation cannot be overstated.

It is essential to thoroughly vet your potential immigration representative. Always insist on a comprehensive resume that highlights their experience specifically in representing Canadian immigration clients. Beware of being swayed by legal experience that does not pertain to immigration or by misleading descriptions. Remember, not all consultants offer the same level of expertise or service.

To assist you in making an informed choice, you are invited to download a resume of a seasoned Authorized Representative at the following link. This resource aims to provide a benchmark for what to look for in a consultant’s background and experience.